3 ODOT workers recovering, semi driver cited after crash

ODOT crews were finishing pavement repair work on I-71 early Tuesday morning when a semi hit two of their vehicles, injuring three workers (WSYX/WTTE)

A semi driver was cited Tuesday for a crash that injured three Ohio Department of Transportation workers. The accident happened around 4:00am Tuesday on I-71 near US-62, as ODOT crews were finishing up pavement repairs.

"A lot of people are stupid driving through those areas,” Harrisburg resident Jessica Thompson said.

Three construction workers were taken to an area hospital for non-life threatening injuries and have since been released.

The semi was driving northbound on I-71 when it struck the first ODOT vehicle, then hit a second truck.

"Very luckily, our employees that were out there were notified by the person who was operating this, by using a loud horn to say, hey be alert, pay attention there is something happening," said ODOT Highway Management Administrator Shawn Rostorfer.

Ohio does have move-over laws that require drivers to slow down and move over for highway workers. Drivers who violate the law could face a fine and a suspension of their license if a worker is hit or killed. The driver in this case was issued a citation.

"We ask that you be mindful of our employees and those fire, EMS, towing companies that are out there every day trying to make our roads safe and passable," said Rostorfer.

Over the last two weeks, four ODOT vehicles have been struck in Ohio. Rostorfer said over the last year, 152 ODOT vehicles have been struck.

The crash clogged up traffic for most of Tuesday"s morning rush.

Source: https://abc6onyourside.com/news/local/semi-driver-issued-a-citation-after-hitting-3-odot-workers


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