BlacKkKlansman: Lively, funny, agitated, hip and dynamic

Spike Lee has been getting in trouble throughout his career. He can handle it. Veteran Lee watchers may, however, be surprised by the precise colour of trouble he’s encountered with his latest incendiary entertainment.Even the detractors admit that BlacKkKlansman is one of Spike’s most enjoyable films. The people at Cannes liked it enough to award it the Grand Prix. Coming off as a spicy mix of 1970s cop show, Blaxsploitation thriller, Civil Rights jeremiad and, in its closing moments, didactic documentary, the picture circles around the true story of a black cop who, in 1979, infiltrated and frustrated the Ku Klux Klan.With one swift movement, the sharp, hilarious John David Washington, son of Denzel, shakes off his family history and carves out a place just for himself. The collision of styles is exhilarating. Terence Blanchard’s soundtrack is a blast. What’s not to like?In recent weeks, commentators such as Boots Riley, director of the indie breakout Sorry to Bother You, have sugge…

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Adam Cayton-Holland on Letterman, Lion"s Lair and Loss

Adam Cayton-Holland is Denver’s own Renaissance Man: Named one of Esquire’s "25 Comics to Watch,” he’s one of the creators and stars of a successful cable sitcom, Those Who Can’t. He got to throw out the first pitch at a Rockies game. And he"s a writer, now with a nationally recognized book, Tragedy + Time: A Tragi-Comic Memoir, about life and family and losing his younger sister to suicide. He"s launching the book, which has been praised by the likes of fellow comics Patton Oswalt and Bobcat Goldthwait, right here in his home town, at the Tattered Cover Colfax, at a reception/signing tonight, August 21.In advance of that appearance, Cayton-Holland — or hell, let’s call him Adam, since he was a staff writer at Westword about a decade ago — talked with us about his first writing gig, his comedy, his sister, and how it was to write about her and her passing. And also about Denver, the city he both loves and misses. Westword: You used to write for Westword, and now you&quo…

Stalling summer weather patterns set stage for extreme heat

Aug. 20 (UPI) -- Summer weather patterns are slowing down, a new survey confirms.
As a result of summer weather stalling, a string of warm days are more likely to turn into a heat wave, and light showers are more likely to become a torrential downpour, triggering flooding.

Research suggests a slowdown of planetary waves, atmospheric waves in the upper troposphere, are behind the stalling patterns. Under normal conditions, planetary waves lend dynamism to Earth"s weather patterns -- no longer.
"When they get trapped due to a subtle resonance mechanism, they slow down so the weather in a given region gets stuck," Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, said in a news release. "Rains can grow into floods, sunny days into heat waves and tinder-dry conditions into wildfires."

Dozens of studies have explored the links between planetary waves and regional weather patterns. Scientists at the Potsdam Institute and elsewhere…

Ads We Like: Twitter"s #DontBelieveEveryTweet shows off platform"s funny side — except it"s fake

Twitter seemed to launch a new brand campaign to address its lack of a stance on recent issues such as fake news and its resistance to block bigoted behavior of popular users.Called #DontBelieveEveryTweet, the Twitter-branded campaign launched with a landing page, and a supposed letter from its founder Jack Dorsey, plus a series of videos that take aim at the prevalence of misinformation on the site.The Dorsey-signed letter adds: “In in order for [Twitter] to work right, people can’t get sucked into all the fake news and conspiracy theories so many of our users (especially Russian bots) post.“That’s why we’re very excited to announce the launch of our new #dontbelieveeverytweet campaign. It’s a simple reminder to be skeptical of everything you see on Twitter because our users can put literally anything in a tweet.”The letter on the landing page also revealed that Twitter would air its six spots on Fox News “in the next few days because duh.”However, an article from The Verge confirmed…