The Spurs" last open roster spot

The summer of our discontent has officially come to end in South Texas. KL tied up his loose ends with a THANK YOU to the Spurs and their fans. Immediately thereafter, the NBA schedule was released and fans knew just when Toronto would be visiting the Alamo City.
This week on In The Bonus, PtR contributors Bruno Passos, Marilyn Dubinski, Mark Barrington, Jesus Gomez, and Jeph Duarte discuss what to think of Kawhi’s “goodbye”, the idea that the Spurs were overlooked when the season was being booked, and just exactly how this lineup might erupt as the season unfolds.

Kawhi Leonard published a letter in the Express News saying thank you to the Spurs and San Antonio. -What did you think of the gesture?

Marilyn Dubinski: I thought it was too little, too late to have a positive impact of any kind. Maybe it would been mildly accepted had it come out within 48 hours of the trade, or even better, if it actually answered some questions and gave us Leonard’s s…

Just 22 of the Funniest Tweets About Stupid, Accidental Injuries

Writer and editor Eleanor Penny posed a dangerous question this week to her Twitter followers. After tweeting that one’s “personal brand,,” or the way people market themselves online that’s become so cliche that the term is a Twitter-specific joke in itself, could be best summed up by the stupidest way they’ve accidentally injured themselves, the submissions starting rolling in.Not only is the joke funny because we get to read all the various ways people have accidentally hurt themselves by volition of their own foolishness, but it’s even funnier to associate your bumbling mistakes with how you choose to share your skills and experiences on social media. Example: you’re a journalist and you once fell into a decorative koi pond and sprained your ankle while running after a source. (I’m not saying this happened to me, but I’m also not saying it didn’t happen to me.)In an age of decidedly self-deprecating humor, it’s the perfect mash-up between millennial buzzword-isms and ironic meme sh…


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Movie Review: Spike Lee Scores a Hit With the Funny, Provocative "BlacKkKlansman"

A black cop infiltrates the Ku Klux Klan and becomes besties with David Duke, all the while gathering intel to foil the hate group. It may sound like an absurdist comedy sketch or a "70s blaxploitation flick, but in 1978, it really happened to Ron Stallworth of the Colorado Springs Police Department.
Now Stallworth"s memoir is the basis of a funny, unsettling, never-less-than-compelling film from director Spike Lee, who understands better than most American filmmakers how to access viewers" willingness to be educated via their craving to be entertained. Both a showcase for the actors and for Lee"s bravura filmmaking, BlacKkKlansman is, on one level, an irreverent buddy comedy. On another, it"s a powerful illustration — with historical examples — of what "white power" means in America, and why that movement and "black power" are not even remotely close to equivalent.
John David Washington (yes, son of Denzel) plays the young Stallworth as a…

Think And Drive: Legal loophole allows drivers to eat and drink

Get to know the Grandview Little Leaguers in funny, adorable ESPN video

CLOSE Grandview Little Leaguers welcomed to Williamsport in LLWS parade WHO-TV Trenton Tharp(Photo: Special to the Register) The Grandview Little League baseball team has won the hearts of Iowans across the state as they prepare to play their way through the Little League World Series — and a video from ESPN showing the kids introducing themselves will win over even more fans for the Midwest squad. On Saturday, Iowans beamed with pride as the team beat North Dakota to advance to the world series. The team plays its opening game on Thursday at 2 p.m. at South Williamsport, Pennsylvania.While you cheer on Iowa"s hometown squad, get to know a little bit more about the team members via their anecdotes down below.[embedded content] Brayden Shutt: "My name is Brayden Shutt, and I like girls." (Cue "oohs" and "ahhs" from his teammates.)Matthew McCrea Jr. (while wearing a red, white and blue mask): "My name is Matthew McCrea Jr., and I like to wrestle.&quo…