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Right-wing clowns are not all that funny

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), left, campaigning for president in January 2016, shares a laugh with Reps. Steve King, R-Iowa, center, and Louie Gohmert, R-Tex., at a campaign stop in Fenton, Iowa.  (JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images) Jennifer RubinOpinion writer reporting from a center-right perspective Opinion writer October 31 at 9:00 AM The right wing’s iron triangle — President Trump’s White House, Fox News and the Trump cultists — had a bad day Tuesday. Consider all that occurred.Trump threw out the notion that he’d pursue birthright citizenship repeal via an executive order, whereupon the mainstream media called out the stunt and House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.), belatedly discovering his political spine, said, “You cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order.”Trump insisted on going to Pittsburgh for a photo op, which House and Senate majority and minority leaders, Pittsburgh’s mayor and the Pennsylvania governor refused to attend given that the city is in the midst of holding…

Businesses miss grants due to "stupid complexity"

Wayne Rooney: "It Was Really Hot And Then It Has Gone Really Cold Now."

Wayne Rooney has provided a truly unique insight into life in America, explaining how it was really hot in the summer months but it has since turned cold now it"s winter. Never change, Wayne. It really is a groundbreaking weather report from the DC United striker.The 33-year-old spoke to the BBC about all things U.S.A recently, and soon produced one his funniest quotes yet, which is quite the statement if you think about some of the old tweets he produced back in the day. Rooney has also opened up about buying British tea in supermarkets, Ed Sheeran and the frustration of leaving Everton.Not to mention the outlandish weather conditions which are really, really normal - we just love Wayne Rooney, to be honest.
"The supermarket has an international aisle so there are British ones, you can get your normal tea and stuff. Even the small differences, like a bar of chocolate or a packet of crisps was a bit different, so when you come across one you enjoy it a bit more."The wea…

Simon says: Stevenson brings playwright"s "Fools" to stage

Brad Kadrich Published 1:00 PM EDT Oct 31, 2018 Michael Corliss has directed several productions of Neil Simon"s work in his time at Stevenson High School, a reflection of his admiration for the late playwright"s work.So after Simon died Aug. 26, it seemed fitting that Corliss would choose one of his plays for the first production of the new school year."When he passed away, I thought, "We should do a tribute,"" Corliss said. "I ordered the copyright the very same day."The play he chose was "Fools," a comic fable set in the small village of Kulyenchikov, Ukraine, during the late 19th century. The story follows Leon Tolchinsky, a school teacher who takes a new job educating Sophia, the daughter of Dr. Zubritsky and his wife Lenya.The town has been rendered stupid by a curse and Tolchinsky is hired to come in and teach Sophia. Corliss said the basic message of the play is what attracted him to it."Here is a town c…

Rutgers football: Izaia Bullock arrest leads to questions about JUCO recruiting

Josh Newman Asbury Park Press Published 9:05 AM EDT Oct 31, 2018 PISCATAWAY -- On Oct. 17, during his weekly radio show, Chris Ash entered a discussion focusing on junior college recruiting at Rutgers, and expressed a willingness to pursue players from two-year colleges, under the right circumstances. On Monday, Ash met reporters for his normal beginning-of-the-week press conference as the Scarlet Knights ready to travel to Wisconsin on Saturday (Noon, Big Ten Network). The topic of junior college recruiting came up again. The actual question zeroed in on Rutgers" iffy history with getting JUCO kids to step in and play right away, and what has Ash thinking this is a good idea for 2019. "I look at junior college recruiting for this program and places that I"ve been as a need-based option," Ash said. "If you have a need and you can fulfill that need through a potential junior college transfer, an older kid that fits your culture, fits your university, fits you…

"Hunter Killer" Sinks Into Depths of Atrocity, Remains Funny

Living up to its own name, the new submarine action film Hunter Killer succeeds in both hunting down and killing any semblance of potential that it may have had based on its premise that is admittedly kind of interesting on the surface. But just like the hilariously bad computer-generated submarines shown throughout the movie, once you dive down below the surface of Hunter Killer, the things that you’ll inevitably stumble upon are fun to watch.
This movie tells the story of an American submarine crew’s mission to prevent World War III from beginning after a rogue Russian general starts a coup against his country’s government. It also loosely follows a group of four foot soldiers as they attempt to evacuate the Russian president from the extremists who are participating in the coup. As previously mentioned, the idea behind this movie is quite good, but the execution is far from worthy of the premise.
Hunter Killer was directed by Donovan Marsh, a relative newbie in the world of mainstrea…

The Favourite dominates British independent film award nominations

The Favourite, Yorgos Lanthimos’s absurdist Restoration-era comedy starring Olivia Colman as a volatile Queen Anne, leads the nominations for this year’s British independent film awards (BIFAs).
The film, which premiered at the Venice film festival in August but is yet to go on general release, won 13 nominations including for best British independent film and best screenplay.
Colman’s portrayal of the frail, needy 18th-century monarch has won particular praise. The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw said it could not get any better, adding: “She steps up to movie-star lead status with an uproarious performance.”
The jury at Venice agreed, awarding her the Volpi Cup for best female actor. Many observers believe that Colman, who will soon play another royal role when she takes over from Claire Foy in Netflix’s The Crown, is a contender for Oscar success.

She will be up against Gemma Arterton (The Escape), Jessie Buckley (Beast), Maxine Peake (Funny Cow) and Rachel Weisz (Disobedience) in the best a…

Debate: Can Hamilton break Schumacher"s F1 records?

Hamilton’s success, which means he has equalled Juan Manuel Fangio as a five-time world champion, prompted former rival and 2016 champion Nico Rosberg to suggest the Mercedes driver can realistically surpass Michael Schumacher’s records of 91 race wins and seven titles.Autosport’s Glenn Freeman is joined by F1 Racing’s Stuart Codling and Ben Anderson to explain why F1’s current competitive order and Hamilton’s standing at Mercedes make Rosberg’s claims valid.The panel also compare Hamilton and Schumacher’s career trajectories, and discuss whether Lewis prospectively surpassing Michael’s record having contested more races than the German would diminish that achievement in any way. Source:

Halloween costume ideas 2018: Last minute DIY fancy dress done right

Halloween is the one time of year you can let your creativity run wild; but when it comes to deciding on a costume, we all tend to leave it until the last minute.So whether you"re staying in and watching scary movies or going out on the town to celebrate tomorrow, here"s our complete guide to quick and easy Halloween costume ideas for 2018:Superhero costumesWhen it comes to going as your favourite superhero, you have plenty of options to choose from. Although ready-made costumes are relatively cheap and easy to find on the internet, you can easily recreate the superhero look for yourself.Watch a YouTube tutorial on Spiderman makeup using red and black face paint and complete the look with red tights or leggings.Other easy superhero ideas... 
Wonder WomanSpidermanBatman

Easy Halloween costumes 2018: From ASDA to Tesco, the best fancy dress

Villain costumesBecause being bad is sometimes twice the fun, shake things up a bit by going as a movie villain.Harley Quinn is a Halloween f…

In The Strangest Of Times, Adam Sandler Is Funny Again

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the world is going to shit and we’re all going to die, but first we’re going to go insane. 60% of the world’s animal life has been wiped out since 1970, Trump wants to do away with birthright citizenship through an executive order… and that was just this morning. Every day I wake up thinking it can’t get any worse and every day Twitter tells me how it has (incidentally, Twitter was caught ignoring threats from the mail bomber’s account and has made no substantive changes in this regard, though it is considering doing away with the like button).
What I’m trying to say is, what a weird time for Adam Sandler to be funny again.
Like many of my generation, I’ve had a complicated relationship with Adam Sandler. I still remember exactly where I was when I heard Sandler’s “The Buffoon” sketches from his comedy album “They’re All Gonna Laugh At You” for the first time, a memory so vivid you’d think it was the Kennedy assassination. I remember the circ…

Hasan Minhaj"s "Patriot Act" review: Fitfully funny

The ex-‘Daily Show’ comedian has called his show a weekly ‘woke TED talk’, promising to deliver more than the average — and it deserves a chanceIf deployed properly, self-deprecation can be the most valuable weapon in a comedian’s arsenal. Make a pointed critique of yourself before someone else can, play it off as a joke, and just like that, the potential diss has been neutralised.That’s surely what Hasan Minhaj is going for when he refers to his news-comedy programme Patriot Act as a “woke TED Talk” midway through the second episode, and yet the offhand remark does naught to change the fact that that’s precisely what this is. The phrase articulates a perceived objection to the show, but only succeeds in crystallising rather than dispelling it. He floats a succinct, cutting appraisal not so easily laughed off, the kind of compact dismissal that might as well come from articles not yet written — if Minhaj has room in his schedule to complete the remainder of this review, the door’s ope…

Nathan Campbell admits shooting at car in the dark was "stupid"

Where are Hong Kong drivers going with the constant honking?

"I felt sick": why are so many women assaulted by their driving instructors?

When Philippa was 17, growing up in a small Peak District community, there was only one driving instructor in the village. “Everyone was taught by him,” she says. But her lessons became uncomfortable. “It started with comments on my appearance – that I was a young, pretty girl, that sort of thing – and then comments about my body, along the lines of: ‘You should wear that skirt more often, I like your legs.’” Then things escalated: “A hand on my leg as he helped me change gear, with me in control of the car and so unable to react … That hand on my leg would gradually linger for longer, head higher up my thigh. There were subtle warnings, too, forcing me to acknowledge that I enjoyed the lessons and that I’d tell my mum that [I enjoyed them].”
Philippa isn’t alone. In the past fortnight, I have heard from 20 women and one man who were sexually harassed or assaulted by their driving instructors. Their experiences bear a series of striking hallmarks: almost all were young and inexperience…

BBC News: Simon McCoy leaves weatherman in stitches in HILARIOUS live TV moment

The BBC Afternoon Live host, who is well-known for poking fun at stories and adding his special touch to traditional news reporting, burst into laughter and left his weatherman co host sweating after the funny TV momentThe hilarious segment began when the presenter introduced his co-host and said: “Darren Bett is here and looking cuddly.”The BBC Weather host responded and said: “I am indeed.”But Mr McCoy replied: “No. Not you. That.”Mr Bett said: “Yes. China and pandas. Animals and weather. Perfect combination. Would could go wrong? Now. Well, I’m going to show you this." The weatherman then began showing a video of a panda playing in the snow and said: “I’ll probably need to step out just to, you know, you don’t want to see me laughing and cackling. This is in China.“The first snows have arrived and we have got some lovely and cuddly pandas there playing - not quite mastered the tyre trick yet but when we watch this, actually, in the office we thought we had to show this beca…

Everything new to streaming in November 2018

Some Young People Aren"t Voting Because the Process Seems Confusing and Pointless

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