Fake video alert: Girl hit by car while doing Kiki challenge

As the social media is going crazy with people sharing videos of the Kiki challenge, which has taken the internet by storm, India Today Fact Check team verifies another video that went viral.

You must have seen the most shared and talked about video of a girl, who jumps out of her car to dance, is hit by a speeding car. The video was edited with a warning that dancing in the street can be dangerous.

The video has been shared by millions with many of them asking curiously about the fate of the girl.

WATCH | Fact Check: Girl hit by car while doing Kiki challenge

The video shows a blonde girl taking up the Kiki dance challenge by stepping out of her car. The 16 second video ends with the girl being hit by a speeding car. A bystander was seen rushing towards the scene of the incident.

Though, the viral video has been shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp but India Today Fact Check team tracked it to Instagram where it was first posted by a profile-lofi3d on 21st July.

lofi3d has mentioned clearly that the video was not real but edited with the warning that dancing in the street can be dangerous. Lofi3d is a Los Angeles-based content creator, little wonder the video has been created with such perfection that it appears to be real!

Interstingly, lofi3d has tagged @karimiller in the video. When we fact checked the tagged person on Instagram, she turned out to be the young woman in the video. She too shared the video on 21st July itself.

Kari Miller too has mentioned that the video was just an editing magic by her friends. But those who shared it perhaps ignored these messages and the meme set internet on fire. Miller also took to Twitter to announce that she was not dead!

India Today Fact Check team contacted Kari Miller on Instagram. This is what Kari Miller had to say on her viral video:

I made this video with my coworkers as a joke. We found the Keke Challenge very silly and dumb and thought this would be a fun editing challenge to see how real it could look. I didn"t expect it to look so real! But we still thought it was funny. My friends and family were mostly amused because they knew it wasn"t real, they know me, I"m a comedian.

The Kiki challenge has been going viral after a comedian named Shiggy shared his video dancing to Canadian rapper Drake"s song "In My Feelings".

Source: https://www.indiatoday.in/fact-check/story/fake-video-alert-girl-hit-by-car-while-doing-kiki-challenge-1305809-2018-08-05


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