Google Maps Street View captures young man doing this on his bike in Russia

Google Maps Street View snaps images of other road users while the Google car maps the region.

This often includes people on bikes as they share the road with the car.

Sometimes cyclists can get distracted by the Google car and end up in a rather embarrassing situation.

One young man in Russia was spotted on his bike while cycling on a empty and wide road.

His awkward moment was captured by the Google car in a series of funny pictures.

The man on the bike gets his tyres stuck on the curbside.

Despite no other cars around him, he then falls off his bike in a rather painful accident.

Thankfully he manages to land on the grass so has a softer landing instead of falling on the tarmac road.

His legs also appear to be stuck in the spokes of the bike.

The sunglasses manage to stay on during the fall.

As the Google car drives on, the man can be seen getting back up again on his bike.

He doesn’t appear too badly hurt as he attempts to continue on his journey.

The Google Street View car has captured other cyclists having rather unusual accidents while using the road.

One young woman was pulled from her bike when cycling with her two dogs.

She ends up sitting on the curb with both of the animals after realising she was spotted by the Google car.

A young woman in Japan on her bike struggled to stay upright when passing the Google car on a narrow road.

She ended up falling in the ditch and hitting a wall with her bike.

A child fell from his bike in the Netherlands, a country popular with cyclists, while with their parent.

The poor young cyclist is thankfully on a quiet side road when it happens.

Their parent spots the incident and looks back in concern.



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