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Веселые анекдоты для хорошего настроения

Best jokes to lift the mood.Portion of positive emotions, which certainly charge you a good mood for the whole day. The best jokes of the network especially for you, writes the with reference to news N

At the wedding of friends ran to catch the bouquet, then recovered and returned. You should have seen the eyes of my husband!


Someone in the shops with a friend walking, and I with a toad. It’s choking me, I her.


Nothing pleases a woman after 30 as a request to show a passport when buying alcohol.


Sunday my wife and I went to choose Wallpaper for the kitchen. If this day worked as a Registrar, you’d already be divorced.


In the preparatory group for preschoolers on the Board is written the word “P…Masha”. The teacher says:

– Fill in the missing letter.


– Well, you Marivanna, give! Not a “Drink”?!


– Let me come over and we’ll talk.

No really, we swear by SMS, because if I see you, it will cease to be angry.


The campaign for the Pope: “Put the baby to sleep and get mom a gift.”


Correspondence in ICQ:

– I am 14, my boyfriend is soon to be 21. I don’t know what to get him…

– The penal code!


Hey beautiful, have you all back white!

– Are you kidding?

– Of course. What a beauty.


– I, like my husband, now the name of the King. Think of the child, if it’s a girl, then saw a nice old name of Hell.

– And you see, at school the teacher: “Kids, meet the new girl, it’s the King of Hell!”

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