"Daily Show"s" Trevor Noah finds his way to the funny with some on-the-job training

http://funnythingshere.xyz/daily-shows-trevor-noah-finds-his-way-to-the-funny-with-some-on-the-job-training/-http://www.latimes.com/resizer/6jTP_JLIIaZ7Gm1AuyUp8mWZXng=/1200x0/arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-tronc.s3.amazonaws.com/public/WUQQRNRLCRAWDIIJENJRQHQKJM.jpg -

To go from a kid who was always in trouble for something or other, to now have my book being taught in school is quite a jump. I don’t think the book is a product of myself, but rather me telling a story comprised of many stories. Part of it is South Africa’s story, part of it is my family’s story, my mother’s story, the lessons she taught me. Then, obviously, my interpretation of the world I was raised in. It’s most beautiful to me because of why they’re using the book. I do think the lessons we learned in apartheid South Africa are stories that apply to the world. You do see vestiges of that in America today. It’s an easy story to understand because South Africa’s racism was so blatant and so unavoidable. I think it’s a nice place to learn how to have conversations on a topic that has become very fraught with political landmines everywhere you go.


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