See It, Stream It or Skip It - JJ"s (current) Five Favorite Films

It Takes 2 tells you what to see, what to stream and what to skip. This week, we have a twist! JJ Gordon tells you his Five Favorite Films...right now. They change all the time, but if you are looking for a fun watch at home this weekend, he has you covered. 


Classic John Candy comedy! This reminds me of all of those great/not-so-great family vacations from my youth. It also gave me my opinion on hot dogs. Very funny stuff here.


Watch this documentary about video game high scores with someone who doesn"t like video games....then watch them google video game statistics. This is an incredible story of David vs. Goliath. 


If I need to explain this to you...just watch it and get back on board with the other 99.99999999999999% of the human population!


You can"t pick your family, but you have to love them! Uncle Buck is a great movie about accepting people for who they are and how to make giant pancakes. Funny stuff, here. A John Hughes classic.


Martin Short is the ultimate fish out of water as he takes his family across the open seas in a ship he just inherited. After hiring a local seaman to get him from the Caribbean to Florida, he finds out he is getting more than he bargained for. Kurt Russell is Captain Ron. This is my ultimate guilty pleasure!

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