Sheriff wrong to ignore stupid motorist law

It was shocking to read that Maricopa County Sheriff Penzone will not enforce the “stupid motorist law.” I always thought the job description of “sheriff” stated something about enforcing all laws. Isn’t that why we elect law enforcement officers? Isn’t our government a “government of laws, not people?”

If the laws are not being enforced, or refuse to be enforced, we will have chaos. When a person or persons decide to ignore the law, they are placing themselves above the law; we call those people criminals.

If you don’t remember the “stupid motorist law,” it was passed because, particularly during the monsoon season, many drivers would bypass barricades and drive into flooded streets; when they were stranded, they called for first responders to risk their lives to rescue them. It was costly in terms of safety, time and money. Rescuers were sometimes unable to respond to fires or auto accidents because they were rescuing a “stupid driver.”

For the sheriff to decide not to enforce this law, it is, in itself, against the law. His reason is that the rescuers are already available, it is taxpayer money, and the drivers might not be able to afford the cost (as if taxpayers can). The sheriff is mouthing the progressive theory that individuals are not responsible for their actions, that government (us taxpayers) is responsible.

Couldn’t that thinking just possibly be one of the reasons we have such a rash of disrespect for government, for law, for each other? Couldn’t that possibly be one of the reasons our children are bullying and shooting each other, that adults are assaulting and killing, because they know that no one will hold them responsible for the consequences of their actions?

We demand our “freedoms,” but we refuse to accept our responsibilities for those freedoms.

Roger Moore



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