Mum"s hilarious fake tan disaster photo shows why you should keep it out of reach of kids -

A lot can happen in just a split second.

Ask any parent of a mischievous toddler – they’ll tell you about the sort of havoc which can be wreaked in the time it literally takes you to blink.

Mum to two-year-old Kyle, Billie Fotheringham, discovered this recently – and the results were spectacular.

It all began with that most suspicious of warning signs – the moment it all went quiet.

Kyle was playing his friend, three year-old Leo Riddell, when Billie, 24 realised she couldn’t really hear them.

As it turned out, they’d discovered her fake tan stash.

The scene that greeted Billie, from Dunfermline, revealed fake tan plastered all over the bed sheets, as well as the two little boys.

(Image: Deadline News)

Leo had decided to do it properly, and had stripped off all of his clothes for his tanning session.

Kyle’s t-shirt – once white – was now a shade of mahogany brown.

Although both boys were a mess, Billie managed to see the funny side and posted the photo evidence to Facebook .

She wrote: “So Kyle and Leo decided to get a hold of my FAKE TAN!! I cannot cope. And Kyle apparently ‘tanned Leo’s a**.”

Little Leo after his make-over

(Image: Deadline News)

(Image: Deadline News)

Leo’s mum, Shirley Goodsir, later added: “They were hiding in Kyle’s room and we thought they were too quiet, so Billie went through to check on them and there they were.

“They took the tan and hid it in the room. Billie walked in and screamed because she didn’t know what it was to start with, until she found the empty tan bottle. The tan was all over the floor, over the covers and of course all over them.

Billie’s post

(Image: Deadline News)

“Then my son comes through with a perfectly tanned bum and says “Kyle tanned my a**”.

“I couldn’t even give him a row because it was just too funny.”


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