Ryan Gosling & Jimmy Kimmel Go to "Space" for a Painfully Funny Interview!

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Ryan Gosling and Jimmy Kimmel dress up in spacesuits for an interview in outer space, well actually a soundstage in Los Angeles, for an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday (June 8).

The 37-year-old actor stars in the upcoming Neil Armstrong movie First Man and he debuted the first trailer for the film on the show.

In the funny interview, Ryan appeared to be annoyed by the questions that Jimmy was asking. “These are the questions? I bring you all the way up to space…” Ryan said in response to Jimmy asking if they were in a ship or a capsule.

A running joke throughout the interview was how poor the questions were. Ryan mentioned how an expedition in a capsule like the one they were in could last two weeks and he would “hope the conversation is a little better than it is so far.”

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Ryan Gosling & Jimmy Kimmel Go to Space

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