Musicians battle fake social media accounts trying to sell fake tickets

FOX 17 Reporter Samantha Singer reports from outside the Bluebird Cafe. (WZTV)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Ticket ripoffs are becoming all too common for concert-goers in Music City.

The latest promised a VIP opportunity at Nashville’s iconic Bluebird Café.

Southern Country/Rock musician Jason Charles Miller is gearing up for his show at the Bluebird on August 7.

Miller’s been dealing with someone pretending to be him posting on Twitter and Instagram.

“This kind of thing is on the rise,” Miller said. “It mirrored my account to look just like it was my actual account.”

The fake accounts tried to sell $200 VIP tickets to his Bluebird show. For several shows, including Miller’s, the venue does not have a cover charge or VIP tickets.

“The funny thing is they actually sent a private message to someone who works at my booking agency so that really tipped them off,” Miller said.

Miller is not the only artist dealing with impersonators. In a quick Twitter search, Fox 17 News found two accounts claiming to be Dierks Bentley.

“The more famous the friend, the more they"ve gone through that,” Miller said. “I co-produced Billy Ray Cyrus" last record and I know he goes through that all the time.”

With well-known venues all over Music City, a Bridgestone representative told Fox 17 News that the bigger the act or event, the most counterfeit tickets people are tricked into buying.

Alan Dyche is one of them. He’s visiting Nashville from England. Dyche said he found out about a ticket scheme the hard way, after buying an $800 ticket to a music festival in Belgium.

“While I was on the way I got an email from them to say the ticket was fake and I no longer had a ticket to go to that festival,” Dyche said. “So I panicked and I had to purchase another ticket on top of that one.”

In a city known worldwide for its music, Nashville singer/songwriters and musicians want their fans to know, if the social media account does not have the blue check mark showing it is verified, then it is not really them.

Make sure to buy tickets through a verified source such as Ticketmaster, Live Nation or the venue box office.



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