Only rule breakers will fully enjoy this ad -

How do you get teens to notice your ad? Try telling them not to watch.

A new U.K. TV spot by juice drink Vimto starts by telling viewers that the ad works best if they close their eyes and relax–but if they disobey, they are rewarded with some quirky goings-on. After the intial blank screen and message, those who keep their eyes open see a series of messages starting with “You little rascal…I like you,” and showing them a series of internet-friendly funny clips, including weird dancing, a freaky eyelid trip and a man with a dog and a cellophane-wrapped armchair.

“Boring drinks work for some but you deserve something refreshingly different,” it concludes on screen–while all the person who obediently shuts their eyes will hear is relaxing music.

The spot is the first work for the brand by agency Quiet Storm (whose other work includes the international Haribo campaign). The new strategy is based on the insight that Vimto’s target audience feel under pressure to be something they’re not, when all they really want is to be recognized and accepted for the individuals they are.

Trevor Robinson, founder and executive creative director of Quiet Storm, and Matt Mifsud, creative director, say in a statement: “Not every client would trust their agency to launch a campaign telling the audience not to watch or to click, so big up to Vimto for living their brand value of being refreshingly different. Inclusivity and fun don’t have to be mutually exclusive, so it’s great to be able to reintroduce some levity while also promoting and celebrating self-acceptance, individuality and that says it’s OK to be you.”


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